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The Romans Destroyed Their Republic in Partisan Warfare. We Might Too

Time 02 Dec 2022
They are right to be, as a look at the fate of one of history’s most famous republics shows ... The Roman world was one of shocking inequality and brutality but, over its centuries-long existence, the Republic did manage to incorporate new groups and come up with a more expansive view of citizenship than other ancient states.

Bats have a better vocal range than Mariah Carey: study

New York Post 29 Nov 2022
More On. mariah carey. How Mariah Carey’s love of Marilyn Monroe brought her to Broadway’s ‘Some Like It Hot...Queen of Christmas’ Mariah Carey admits she’s a diva. ‘I can’t help it!’ ... Throat singing is an ancient tradition practiced by the people of Tuva, a small republic in southern Siberia.

Bats are the ‘death metal’ singers of the animal kingdom, say scientists

Metro UK 29 Nov 2022
Bats have a wide vocal range when it comes to communicating with each other (Credit. Unsplash). Bats are the ‘death metal singers’ of the animal kindom – with a vocal range wider than ‘queen of pop’ Mariah Carey, according to new research ... Throat singing is an ancient tradition practised by the people of Tuva, a small republic in southern Siberia ... ....

Việt Nam’s document heritages recognised by UNESCO

Vietnam News 28 Nov 2022
ĐÀ NẴNG — Two heritage pieces of Viêt Nam were recognised as part of documentary heritage in Asia and the Pacific at the 9th general meeting of the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP) in Andong city, the Republic of Korea.

What Could Go Wrong?! 48,500-Year-Old Siberian Virus is Revived

Ancient Origins 26 Nov 2022
The world’s oldest known frozen and dormant virus has been revived in a French laboratory leading many to express concerns about the dangers of bringing to life ancient microbes ... The virus was found in a sample of permafrost taken from 52 feet (16 m) below the bottom of a lake in Yukechi Alas in the Russian Republic of Yakutia.

New discovery at Klazomenai, the Ancient Greek ceramic centre in Asia Minor

Greek City Times 21 Nov 2022
A seal in the ancient city of Klazomenai (Κλαζομεναί) in the Vourla (Βουρλά, Turkish ... A Greek archaeologist began the first excavations in this ancient city in 1921–1922, which is situated on the northern shore of the UrlaEşme peninsula ... And it is the ceramic production center of the ancient period.

You Probably Aren't Catching Andor's Awesome Nods To Deep Star Wars Lore (And That's A ...

Kotaku 11 Nov 2022
But while folks were looking at the crystal and going, “Oh that’s a thing I kind of know about” Luthen drops one of the coolest bits of lore in the show, explaining that the crystal “celebrates the uprising against the Rakatan invaders.” That might have set off alarm bells in the heads of any fans who played Knights of the Old Republic.

FM Amirabdollahian: Iran unchangeable policy is ending Ukraine war

Irna 10 Nov 2022
Referring to the developments in Ukraine, the top Iranian diplomat underlined that the principled and unchangeable policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the necessity of a political solution to the conflict and ending the war and accordingly Tehran will continue its efforts to help advance the political process in this regard.

OP-ED: The allegory of good and bad government

Observer-Reporter 09 Nov 2022
This magnificent work located in Siena’s governmental council hall has become known as the “Allegory of Good and Bad Government.” It was commissioned to remind the nine magistrates who governed the Medieval Siena Republic of what constituted proper conduct as they made their executive and legal decisions.

ALL NATIONS CUP: GCM 'Greece' team triumphs over 'Somalia' in a thrilling quarter-final clash

Greek City Times 08 Nov 2022
Greece vs Somalia ... Tags. greece, Greece news, Greek news, greek news now, greek news on demand, greek news today, Republic of Somalia, The Greek team. Previous Article Four of the finest Ancient Greek sculptures are kept in museums away from their motherland ... 0. 0 ... Scientists discover mysterious spheres pointing to Ancient Greek Board Game ... .

A simple concept

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 05 Nov 2022
Even as Cleisthenes set ancient Athens on a democratic path in 508 B.C., ancient India had developed several dozen republics, oligarchies, aristocracies--including a few democracies ... When the Constitution's writers looked for model republics, they found the ancient Greeks and ...

Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on Nov 5

Irna 05 Nov 2022
dual standards at an unofficial UN Security Council meeting on the Islamic Republic, noting that Washington misuses international mechanisms to serve its own interests ... Al Omari arrived in the capital Tehran on Wednesday afternoon to hold talks on the development of banking ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Supernatural” Bronze Age Gold Device Unearthed in Czech Republic

Ancient Origins 29 Oct 2022
Last month a beet farmer in the Czech Republic uprooted an ornate Bronze Age gold artifact ... Ancient Czech Republic’s Family Is Selling NFTs To Cover Conservation Costs Philadelphia Museum Returns Stolen Shield to Czech Republic ... The Bronze Age gold artifact found in a beet field in the Czech Republic.

Researchers uncover an early Byzantine business and gastronomy district at ancient Ephesos

Heritage Daily 28 Oct 2022
Archaeologists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences have uncovered an early Byzantine business and gastronomy district at ancient Ephesos, located in the İzmir Province of Turkey ... The city was also famous as a sacred place for pilgrims visiting the nearby Temple of Artemis, which has been designated one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Kevin McDermott: Authoritarianism is looming at home and abroad. But gas prices

Finger Lakes Times 26 Oct 2022
Authoritarian movements are rising in democracies around the world, in ways not seen since the 1930s. And contrary to the title of a famous dystopian novel from that era, it can happen here. In lots of small ways, it’s already happening ... In Florida, people are being arrested for voting ... Until it is ... Citizens of the ancient Roman Republic (509 B.C ... Again.

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