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Cleopatra’s Daughter: Prisoner, Survivor, and Queen

Greek Reporter 12 Jun 2024
Her father, Mark Anthony, was an accomplished Roman statesman and general who held sway over the Roman Republic as one-third of the Second Triumvirate ... signifies “sun” in Ancient Greek.

‘Star Wars Outlaws’ could be the dream ‘Star Wars’ game you’re looking for

NME 12 Jun 2024
Next up is a spelunk through the centuries-old wreckage of a cruiser from the High Republic era. Driven almost exclusively by platforming around the crumbling, ancient behemoth, this section is very ...

Who were the Plebeians in Ancient Rome? The Plebs Urbana of the Roman Republic

Roman Empire Times 10 Jun 2024
The plebeians were a significant social class in ancient Rome, encompassing most of the population who were not part of the aristocratic patrician class ... Non-citizens in ancient Rome were individuals who were not born in Rome.

Machiavelli warned public not to get complacent with self-interested charismatic figures

Raw Story 05 Jun 2024
... Livy to examine how the Roman republic was overthrown by a single leader ... Will the American republic fall to the same perils that Machiavelli identified in ancient Rome and Renaissance Florence?.

Where the world wants to cruise: Fascinating map reveals that the Caribbean is the globe

The Daily Mail 05 Jun 2024
A cruise along the River Nile places fourth (one million searches), with Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic among the countries wanting to discover Egypt's ancient temples and tombs with a ship as their HQ ... Such is the case for the Japanese ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... .

What Is Timeline Of The Acolyte In Star Wars Universe? Explored

Pinkvilla 02 Jun 2024
... Republic ... However, they faced opposition from ancient Sith allies and space pirates who resented the Republic's expansion, as depicted in Lucasfilm's Star Wars. The High Republic transmedia initiative.

Gold Jewelry From Mysterious Culture Discovered in Kazakhstan

Greek Reporter 01 Jun 2024
During the Kangju state era, the region traded with ancient Rome, ancient China, and the Kushan Empire to the south ... Burial mounds looted during the ancient times ... Based on their report, two of the mounds had been looted in ancient times.

2,200-Year-Old Mosaic of the Muse Calliope Exposed in Turkey

Ancient Origins 29 May 2024
Archaeologists exploring the site of an ancient Greek settlement in southern Turkey unearthed a beautifully preserved mosaic floor dating back to the second century BC ... (Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism) Calliope and the Muses.

Czech President Visits Petra

MENA FN 28 May 2024
(MENAFN - Jordan News Agency) Petra, May 28 (Petra) -- President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel and Tuesday visited the ancient city of Petra along with an accompanying delegation.Pavel toured ... .

Five questions you must ask yourself before voting in November

Raw Story 27 May 2024
Because the Founding Fathers were concerned about their envisioned democratic republic collapsing, they contemplated the descent of ancient democracies and republics into oligarchies and empires.

How did Cincinnati, Ohio get its name? The story of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

Roman Empire Times 26 May 2024
The Society itself was named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a revered figure from the Roman Republic- (509–27 BCE), the ancient state centred on the city of Rome that began in 509 BCE, ...

Turkish Cuisine Week features rich gastronomic culture

Vietnam News 22 May 2024
The world-wide event, in its second year, introduces the country's rich gastronomic culture to audiences at home and abroad, shining a spotlight on ancient traditions from the Republic of Türkiye. .

A Lawless World Driven to Brink of War and Political Assassinations. “Signs of Endgame Collapse”

GlobalResearch 22 May 2024
This action in turn set up Baku’s “lightning strike” in Nagorno-Karabakh last year, removing virtually all the remaining 120,000 Armenians uprooted from their rightful ancient homeland as war refugees fleeing for safety to the Republic of Armenia.

Dr. Hong in Italy: An Award and Many New Friends

Bitter Winter English 20 May 2024
In the City Hall, under the flags of the ancient Republic, which is now the flag of the municipality, and of FOWPAL, the Mayor of Pisa, Michele Conti, and the City of Pisa Secretary for Culture, Filippo Bedini, welcomed Dr.

The sky is the limit

Taipei Times 20 May 2024
Certainly, we only need look across the strait to see countless examples of this — urban expanses where developers have unsentimentally turned ancient cities into forests of identikit concrete high-rises.